Centre for Fathering (CFF)

Centre for Fathering

The father of a righteous man has great joy; he who has a wise son delights in him.
Proverbs 23:24

Who It’s For

Our vision and mission is empowering more fathers to be better role models and an enduring inspiration to their children. In so doing, we hope to turn the hearts of children towards their fathers. Through our 5Es philosophy, we aim to Educate, Enlighten, Enable, Equip and Empower fathers.

When & Where

We have regular programmes and periodic events for fathers. For more about our programmes, http://fathers.com.sg/programmes/

Why We’re Here

Only a few privileged ones grew up in Christian homes with strong and godly Christian fathers to model it for us. Therefore in 2000, three of our leaders started CFF with a shared vision for family education in Singapore.

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At that time, other agencies were already providing remedial counselling and care for families in distress. Our dream was to provide the best possible formative training and support to help new and young fathers bond with their children from the start.  Looking back over the past 13 years of service we are grateful for the positive impact on families.

At CFF, we believe every child needs a dad they can count on. The research is clear: children thrive when they have an involved father—someone who loves them, knows them, guides them, and helps them achieve their destiny. We inspire and equip men to be the involved fathers that their children need.

What We Do

We have touched more than 1.4 million people through workshops, bonding camps and other public events (you may have heard of “Eat with Your Family Day”) since we began.

CFF has reached out to fathers through interviews on television and radio, talks at large government sponsored events and training programs for fathers in prison. We now extend our service by training trainers to continue the positive impact of equipping families for success.

Our Programmes & Resources

  • Dads for Life Movement
  • Dads Adventure Hub facilities
  • Train the Trainer
  • Beginning Parenting Programme
  • Father-Child Experiential Workshop
  • Adventure Camp with Dad
  • ICan Workshop
  • Shared Parenting

Join Us

If you feel called to serve fathers and encourage them in their leadership role, we invite you to serve in this ministry. Do email ministry@moulmeinchurch.com to see how you may help grow these important instruments of the Lord.