Significance of Logo
Our church logo symbolises our vision to demonstrate God’s love and compassion as disciples of Christ. Through showing God’s sacrificial love, we move the hearts of the people and shape their thinking, feeling and will.

Elements of Logo
The five key elements of the logo symbolise the five central pillars of Moulmein Church.

  1. Circle. The circle represents the wholeness of our community, united in God’s love. We endeavour to commune and share our lives with authenticity. Where two or three are gathered in Jesus’ name, there He will be in their midst.
  2. Cross. The cross represents God’s love in sacrificing His own son Jesus Christ for humanity. Through Jesus’ victory over sin and death, we who place our faith and trust in Him alone for salvation are guaranteed eternal life.
  3. Mountains. Mountains symbolise being closer to God as He often reveals Himself on the mountaintop. These everlasting hills represent the good news and promises of God, which last for generations.
  4. Hands. Hands denote the compassion, favour and blessings of the Lord our God. He is continually with us, holding our hand and watching over us every step of the way, even as we guide our brethren in their daily walk.
  5. Pillars. God has called us to be faithful pillars of His house, strengthening and sustaining one another. One person cannot do it all, just as a single pillar cannot support a building. The family of God must help and serve one another.